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Pak Mei (literally translated as White Eyebrow) is a Chinese martial art style dating back to the 18th century Qing Dynasty.  Originating in the Shaolin Temple, later migrating to the Emei Mountain in the Sichuan Province, it incorporates Shaolin and Taoist principles. 
 Both an internal and external art form, Pak Mei utilizes aggressive hand and foot techniques, delivering close and mid-range attacks.  Following closely to the concept of ying and yang, Pak Mei attacks while defending and defends while attacking.  Targeting specific vital points, techniques are swift and explosive.  A single technique can evolve into numerous others, depending on the situation and the intended application. 

Similar to other Chinese styles, Pak Mei emulates the 5 traditional animals; Tiger, Leopard, Dragon, Snake, and Crane.  While each animal offers a unique quality to the style, the Tiger is the most dominant.  It can be found in our footwork and hand techniques, but more importantly, the fierce spirit of the tiger is embodied in the practitioner.

Pak Mei (also known as a Hakka Style – a style from the Hakka region of China), employs explosive movements under the concept of “scare power”.  Scare Power is a trigger of the “Fight or Flight Response,” igniting immediate and explosive muscular movement with complete focus, full speed and 100% commitment. 
Combined with the concept of Luk Ging, Pak Mei becomes a very aggressive and powerful martial art style.  This is also coupled with proper breathing and meditation exercises to relax the mind and body.

Pak Mei Evolution, LLC offers children and adult classes, in addition to private instruction.  Open classes allow students to interact and practice with fellow classmates.  The best way to learn is via hands-on experience with your peers.  Private instructions are also available, providing an opportunity to work one on one with an instructor to fine tune concepts, applications and execution. 
- In line with our Chinese culture and our Pak Mei Creed, only select students will be accepted into the school and advanced through the levels of training.
First and foremost, a student must be disciplined, follow moral principles and display the character exemplified by a martial artists. 
- Integrity, Honor, Respect, Kindness and Loyalty cannot be neglected. 
- Each guest undergoes a trial period before he/she is selected as a student.  Students will be tested and tried even longer before they are offered to become a disciple. 

- The final step of indoor discipleship is a special and rare relationship between a disciple and their Sifu.  This is a lifetime commitment establishing the disciple as heir to their Sifu’s lineage.  Only the most dedicated, committed and loyal students would reach this level.