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Pak Mei Evolution is a Limited Liability Company, located in New York City, providing instruction in Chinese martial arts to both children and adults.  Our goal is to spread the art of Pak Mei by teaching traditional martial arts using a combination of traditional and contemporary training methods.  Since a strong foundation is key to any system, students will be challenged to develop a strong structure through physical training, yet develop pliant joints through specialized exercises.  As a true martial art, we will focus primarily on techniques and applications.  Forms training is secondary and will be used to retain our cultural heritage and to help introduce techniques and possibilities of varying combinations.


Sifu Ben Tam began his training in martial arts at the age of 16.  Under the guidance and mentorship of Sifu Henry Gong and Grandmaster Victor Lee, Sifu Tam studied Northern Shaolin Longfist, Hei Gong, martial strategy, and acupuncture.  Under the initial intention to use martial arts to supplement his Greco-Roman wrestling training, Sifu Tam eventually made Chinese martial arts a lifetime pursuit.  In 1998, through a chance encounter, Sifu Tam entered the training hall of Master Kwong Man Fong.  In 2005, Sifu Tam performed a traditional Bi Sei ceremony, becoming an indoor disciple of Master Fong.  Currently, Sifu Tam is a member of the Man Fong Pak Mei Martial Arts Association and a 6th generation inheritor of the Cheung Lai Chun lineage under the direction of Master Kwong Man Fong.