Classes and Curriculum

The Pak Mei Evolution, LLC curriculum utilizes varying training strategies depending on the goals of the students; physical fitness, agility, speed, full contact sparring, traditional kung fu. Regardless of these differences, the fundamental core of Pak Mei Evolution remains the same; a disciplined approach to training under the martial theories and concepts of Pak Mei and adherence to the Pak Mei code.

Physical Fitness:
Students will follow a strict physical training regiment to build core strength, agility, endurance, and speed.  Although both slow and fast twitch muscles will be engaged, fast twitch Type IIa and IIb will be the primary targets.  The execution of Pak Mei power is sourced from Type IIb in order to generate a higher rate of contraction.  While the percentage of fast and slow twitch within a given student is based on genetics, there are scientific studies indicating the possibility to change muscle fibers via high intensity training is possible.  In addition, the training will also allow a student to maximize their potential.

Traditional Kung Fu Foundations
A student will learn traditional foundation building exercises and modern techniques that will set the basis for their training.
A pre-choreographed routine created by our ancestors.  Here within hides the secrets to our Pak Mei techniques.  The sequences are created in a prescribed manner as building blocks to develop the power rarely found in other styles.

The practice of a form as a “dancing” art or a martial art is determined by the application.  Without the study and practice of the applications within a form, the practice becomes a moving art form, vs a martial art form.

Light Contact Sparring

In line with application training, reaction drills will allow a student to understand the uniqueness of this style with enhanced sensitivity.

Full Contact Sparring
This will focus on both the application of PM techniques, in addition to the execution of PM power generation.  As a prerequisite, a student much first understand PM concepts and exhibit self discipline.

Body Conditioning (aka Iron Body Training)
This is only available to traditional kung fu and full contact students.  Application of Pak Mei breathing principles and the use of special herbal (topical) medicine are required.  The medicine is a traditional formula passed down from family lines that both heals and strengthen bones.  Strict adherence to the training regiment and supervision by an Instructor is critical to prevent accidental injury.  In addition, students must be over the age of 16.

Training Levels

The sectioning of levels is a modernized approach to traditional Chinese martial arts.  Before our time, martial artists were intrinsically motivated, pushed by environmental factors necessary for survival (ie warring states).  However in present day, some students may view martial arts as a unique form of exercise, an extra curricular activity, basic self-defense or have a deep passion for the Chinese arts.  Regardless of the intent, levels will allow students to visually track their progress and set tangible goals.  Within Pak Mei Evolution, LLC, we have established 8 levels:

Levels 1 – 4:  Beginner Stage
Level 1:  Introduction to Pak Mei, physical conditioning
Level 2:  Applications and sparring, Hei Gong
Level 3:  Pak Mei power generation, introduction to short weapons                                                       
Level 4:  Introduction to long weapons and ground applications

Levels 5 – 7:  Intermediate Stage
Level 5:  Intermediate techniques, applications, and sparring
Level 6:  Intermediate long weapons
Level 7:  Instructor training

Levels 8 and Beyond:  Advance Stage
Level 8:  Advance applications and techniques
Beyond: Available for disciples only